Mother of the Bride Outfits – Down memory lane

Mar 18 2016

Mother of the Bride Outfits – Down memory lane

在全国的比赛我们中的很多人都会have old photographs of our grandparents or parents pictured on their wedding day. How wonderful they looked on that special day in their lives. Have you ever looked even closer and observed their outfits and the style of that era? Whether it was the 1930’s or the 1980’s, fashion trends have certainly changed over time. Lets take a look at the trends of Mother of the Bride outfits over the years.


The 1930’s was a time of elegance and glamour with fashion being influenced by those on the Hollywood stage. In this era a Mother of the bride outfit was equally stylish, a long pencil skirt suit with a belt to bring in the waist. Elegant gloves, aberet style hatand pearls were worn as accessories. A faux fur wrap was worn for outer wear.

mother of the bride


In the 40’s because of the back drop of the war, fabric was being rationed so many had to make their own outfits. Mothers of the bride wore a straight skirt with a boxed jacket with a brimmed hat andclutch bag. In summer time a tea dress with a simple cardigan was popular.




The 1950’s Mother of the bride had a more fitted style and wore a suit with a cropped jacket pinned in at the waist and a long pencil skirt withstiletto heeled or pump shoes.



A knee length dress with a matching waist length coat was a very popular choice for Mother’s of the bride in this decade. With her elegant and stylish lookJackie Kennedywas hugely influential for Mother’s of the bride in the 60’s and wearing bright colours became popular.



Lighter fabrics such as linen with floral patterns became popular in the 70’s. Trouser suits or long sleeved gowns were worn by the mother of the bride. Accessories included the floppy hat and large sunglasses.



长袖连衣裙与广泛的年代houlder pads were very fashionable in the 1980’s, lace ribbons, bows and wide collars were combined. Mother’s of the bride wore long sleeved outfits with wide collars. Princess Diana was the fashion icon of the 1980’s.




Puffy dresses and outfits with big shoulders were still popular for the first part of the 90s, including the mother of the bride outfits. Later in the decade mothers wore a two piece dress suit below the knee in length. Bigger size hats were worn to compliment the outfit.



Brides wore strapless orspaghetti strap wedding dresseswhere the mother of the bride wore a fitted two piece with jacket and a dress with a lower necklines than the previous decade.

2006 outfit

Mother of the Bride Outfits Today

Mother of the bride outfits today are very elegant more fitted outfits with a smarter look. Just like Kate Middleton’s mother (pictured below) knee length lace or satin dresses with a high neckline and a long light coat is just one example of the many sophisticated styles of this decade.

mother of the bride outfits

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